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Recurring 1 hour weekly Azure session Organized by Azure Development Group:

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    Dear Readers,
    This is a free 1-hour weekly recurring session to learn Azure. This is an online interactive session where we discuss about several services on Azure. Following is the published agenda for this week.

    Next Planned Session:4th January,2018 Tuesday 10 PM IST & 11.30 AM EST(Due to US Daylight)
    Place: Online Skype meeting
    Speakers: Preyash Vrat (Linkedin Profile)
                      Rajeev Kumar Singh (Linkedin Profile)

    Session 1 - Artificial Intelligence Series:
    1. Discussion regarding Artificial Intelligence:
    •Microsoft AI Platform
    •Cognitive Service + AI
    . On public demand we are starting new series for Artificial Intelligence. Tomorrow cannot be thought without Artificial Intelligence. We are trying to cover all cutting-edge technologies.
    2. Demo - Bots:
              •qnamaker.ai - Create a Bot Service ->Q&A Templates
              •Azure Portal - Create a Bot Service & register with Q&A Bot Service
    3. Q&A

    For more details, please join Azure Development Group, which is for learning and sharing development knowledge of Azure and consists of more than 2350 Azure experts. This group will be the right forum to answer all your queries on Azure. This will also enable you to access Study materials, Certification Materials and Trainings related to Azure.

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    Preyash Vrat(Linkedin Profile)